• Mainstreaming the focus on minority rights in the ongoing programmes of existing civil society organizations.
  • Providing legal assistance to needy


JANA VIKAS is facilitating consortium approach-“ Dalit and Adivasi Vikas Initiative” (DAVI) to address the issues of Dalit and Adviasi of District Kandhamal, Odisha. Seven other partners (POLLISHREE, AJKA, GRAMAYA PRAGATI, LOVEINDIA, GARDEN, POHARA, MOOTHA) based at different Block Hq of this district are members of this Consortium. These members identify and resolve issues pertaining to Dalit and Adivasi Communities collaboratively. They are involved in strengthening Traditional village Committees to retain the old sustainable administrative systems and integrating the new Development Practices, strengthening community leadership to access the information on Govt. provisions and entitlements, participating in PRI processes at grass root level and handholding support to access schemes under prime ministers 15 point program for the welfare of minorities.


JANA VIKAS is facilitating and strengthening the community based organizations

(Traditional village Committee (TVCs), Panchayat Vikas Parishad (PVPs), Anchalik

Vikas Parishad (AVPs). These CBOs help in better governance practices at the grass root level. They access the information and monitor the government institutions at village level like Schools, Primary health centers (PHC), Public distribution system (PDS), Integrated child development schemes (ICDS), social security schemes and other infrastructural development. These bodies also take part pro actively in Pollisbaha, Gramsabha and demand the contextual need of the people at the grass root and helps in monitoring the Implementation processes. These CBOs are now demanding right over individual and community forest land as these are the main source of livelihood through many generations and integral part of their culture and traditions. JANA VIAKS also is engaged in strengthening cooperative and members of 117 no's of SHGs promoting various small scale entrepreneurships (SSEs) to enhance their income and live a life with dignity.

PREVENTION OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING…….. JANAVIKAS aims at the prevention of women-trafficking in the 4 community development blocks of Kandhamal such as; G.Udayagiri, Raikia, Tikabali and K.Nuagaon. The trafficking in Kandhamal has been a serious challenge. The poverty, unemployment, poor communication, illiteracy, unawareness, unsafe migration, low livelihood options have been the root causes of it. The programme focuses on prevention, rescue, re-habilitation and re-integration. 9 no's Community Vigilance Groups (CVGs) and 9 no's of Adolescent Boys and Girls Groups (ABGGs) have been formed and strengthened to check the trafficking. 1568 migrants have been surveyed and 102 case studies have been documented. 68 victims of trafficking have been rescued, counseled and 47 have been rehabilitated. Community involvement is highly essential for the prevention of women-trafficking across the district and state for the promotion of human values like dignity, respect, humanity, unity, love, equality, liberty and peace.

PEOPLES LED DVELPOMENT …… JANA VIKAS is involved in facilitating revival of indigenous sustainable farming practices. People are the primary stakeholders and they have a better understanding and knowledge of their situations. Peoples' led development process indicates a sustainable philosophical approach wherein traditional knowledge exchange, seed exchange, and reflection justifying their strengths and learning experience not only for farmers but also the various stakeholders of the society.

People led Development process is more empowering and inclusive instrument which has no limits either the geographic coverage or in the number of people could reach with this process. Continuous participatory review, reflection, analysis and planning processes in this program have enabled people to identify strengths and gaps in the program and act accordingly by their self efforts. It has given the space for making changes based on the program development and peoples' needs at specific intervals. As people are involved in the review, planning and monitoring process directly, they also have solutions to address some specific problems and issues with available local resources. It is an evolving process rather than specific framework. For instant, Forest Rights Act-2006 campaign of the Govt. has spread to 333 revenue villages across six Blocks of Kandhamal district without prioritized people's plan and involvement in all process.

PEOPLES PARTICIPATION THROUGH COOPERATIVES ENHANCEMENT……… Jana Vikas has promoted cooperatives for the grass root women. These women are educated and provided handholding support to inculcate the behavior of regular savings and subsequently lead towards practice of internal loaning for small domestic needs and then investment on small farm and nonfarm business. Self help groups are also promoted at village level and train them in various Income generation programs. Presently as communities depend on forest products for their livelihood. Collective marketing has been introduced for efficient bargaining and fetch reasonable Price for their produce.

SKILL DEVELOPEMENT……. Driving, mobile repair and welding trainings are conducted in the vocation training institute situated in Surubali, K. Nuagoan. As many as 195 have been trained drivers and are now engaged in transport sector. Driving training was introduced for women and 16 women have been already trained and a batch of 19 women are in progress.

RELIEF AND REHABILITATION………… JANA VIKAS involves in relief and rehabilitation for victims affected from various disasters . A good number of riots affected victim families in the year 2007-2008 and currently almost 2000 Phailin affected households were benefited with support of food and non food items. For some housing support was provided.

" Committed to make a difference in the lives of marginalised"