Why volunteer?

People volunteer with us for many different reasons, but they've all got one thing in common: by giving their time they are helping to improve the lives of Advisai, Dalit, poor and marginalized communities of Kandhamal.

“We need people who are eager and ready to share the work of communicating our vision towards people of Kandhamal ”.

Volunteering with us is a way to:

• Use your skills for development of people as support their voice,

• Gain work experience and certificate,

• Work for a cause you believe in,

• Make the most of your time

• Live out your faith

• Meet like-minded people


What support will I get?

All volunteers receive an induction and training for their role, as well as support from a Jana Vikas staff members.

Volunteers are key partners in our work and we're committed to involving and supporting you.

How do I apply?

Follow the website  to  find opportunities in JANA VIKAS contact:,

jv orissa.org@gmail.com , jvmanojcc@gmail.com

Important information

Jana Vikas welcomes volunteers from across the India and we do our best to treat everyone equally.

All of our volunteering opportunities are based in the Odisha.

We welcome volunteers from outside the Odisha but, accommodation will be provided. 

Further details mail: jvmanojcc@gmail.com Visit page website or download volunteer forms and internship forms and get involved with Jana Vikas.

" Committed to make a difference in the lives of marginalised"